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We are regional real estate valuation company located in Center City Philadelphia, serving the Delaware Valley. Rittenhouse Appraisals is a Commercial Appraisal company that has experience in providing valuation services on Office, Multifamily, Industrial, Mixed-Use, Retail, Institutional, Tract Development and Special Use real estate.

We pride ourselves on being a service-oriented company with a hands-on approach with a thorough analysis of the real estate asset or project.

What makes us different?

We look at real estate in two ways: From the inside out (What does the asset or project mean to the immediate and greater market how can it perform) and from the Outside In (How does the market view this asset or project and its potential for performance). Therefore, our reports will hold the client’s interest from cover to cover.

More importantly, we are a company that is built for the Modern Era of real estate. We recognize that the commercial real estate world has evolved significantly with the development of technology. Transactions that previously took months to get done, now are closed in days or a couple weeks. We have embraced the evolution of the industry and use technology to meet the demands of the modern real estate market.

Appraisal services built for the modern age of real estate

Core Values

A place to learn

Learning keeps us growing, challenged and ahead of the curve.

Exceptional Service

We go the extra mile to provide exceptional service to our clients and to each other.

A great place to work

Working at RHA means being an active part in running the business. Your work and insights make a difference in creating a great environment.

Passionate about our process

We are lovers of real estate and leisurely read about trends, stay aware of local neighborhood projects, and actively seek opportunities to gain industry insights which allow us to deliver the best and most timely reports possible.

About Carlo L. Batts

MAI, Principal

Carlo L. Batts, Principal of Rittenhouse Appraisals, proudly leads the firm with a hands-on approach to service, providing a thorough analysis of real estate assets or projects for each client.

Carlo has over twenty years of real estate experience, ten of which have been dedicated to appraisals in the commercial real estate industry. His foundation for appraising began while working with Wilmington Trust Company (now M&T Bank), which was the largest lender in the Philadelphia Federal Reserve until being acquired by M&T Bank of New York.

Carlo is a designated member of the Appraisal Institute and is actively engaged with the local chapters of the Institute and is currently the Chapter Secretary. Carlo has a B.S. in urban planning and real estate urban land development from Virginia Commonwealth University. He recently served as a featured as a speaker and thought leader for the Philadelphia Multifamily Summit where a variety of trends and issues affecting the Philadelphia housing and commercial property industry were discussed.

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